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Comet® The Fast Path To Learning
Family Edition
(ages 11 and up)

Word cards are based on multiple choice answers.  Choose the correct word, spell the word and state the number of vowels. Win a Bonus Card...everyone has a chance to win!

  • Build vocabulary
  • Aid reading comprehension
  • Improve writing skills
  • Promote confidence in school and work

Through a Child's Eyes six year old nephew.   After correctly answering one of the cards, he was then given this bonus question from the deck, "Adam hid from God in a garden of trees named Eden". True or false I asked? He correctly replied, "True".  Then he quickly added this addendum, "And, by the way" he very emphatically said, "hiding in trees from God is really stupid, because God is in the sky and sees down on everything!"
From Bryan

Comet® The Fast Path To Learning
Bible Edition (ages 11 and Up)

The Bible Game is a fun, new way to learn the Bible! Discover amazing facts about:

  • Characters

  • Angels

  • Events

  • Scripture

For the Children

Children's Game Card
(ages 8 to 10)

The Children's Game Cards provide the best in knowledge about Animals, Geography, Health, History, Nature, Science, and Word Definitions. 

Using the same game board as our original version of Comet®, it delivers exciting new content designed especially for children.

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Health, History, Graduate, College, Master and Art game editions will be available soon!  Get all the "Comet® The Fast Path To Learning" games for the iPhone Soon!